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New Antibiotics Discovered

by Richard Kuehn on 02/14/18

There have been very few new antibiotics to hit the market in recent years, but plenty of antibiotic-resistant viruses which has frustrated hospitals.  There is hope, however.  Scientists discovered in a bag of backyard dirt a powerful new group of antibiotics that they say can wipe out many infections including microbes that have currently been resistant to current antibiotics that are on the market.  Researchers at Rockefeller University reported the discovery of what are called malacidins in the journal Nature Microbiology.  It is the latest in a series of promising antibiotics that scientists have found by using innovative genetic sequencing techniques which allow them to screen thousands of soil samples for bacteria that previously couldn’t be grown or studied in the laboratory.  Rockefeller University scientists found the malacidins only after sifting through 1,500 soil samples.

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by Richard Kuehn on 12/08/16

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Dementia Patients Aided By Music

by Richard Kuehn on 09/26/16

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia is a terrible condition, robbing you of memories and the people that you love.  Researchers have found that one way to ease the pain is with music.  Dan Cohen started an organization called Music & Memory (see www.musicandmemory.org) which can help a loved one connect with the world by bringing personalized music into their lives.  The non-profit uses volunteers to bring digital music to the elderly to improve their quality of life.  One man could barely speak and literally came alive after they started playing music that he loved.  What a wonderful contribution to his quality of life.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend the documentary “Alive Inside.”

Dementia Reduced Dramatically In Seniors Doing Computer Exercises

by Richard Kuehn on 07/31/16

A study which has been going on for a decade has produced some exciting results.  It found that computer exercises (speed training) that get users to visually process information more quickly was very successful in staving off dementia.  This proved superior to memory and reason exercises to the surprise of many.  Dubbed the Advanced Cognitive Training in Vital Elderly (ACTIVE), the study is the first to find that behavioral intervention can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.  Although previous studies have found that all three types of memory exercise reduce your chances of getting dementia, speed training was the only one of the three which protected against depression and it also reduced the chances of getting in an at-fault car wreck.  Thanks go to the National Institute on Aging and the National Institute of Nursing Research which tested 2,832 healthy subjects aged 65 to 94.  Regular readers of my blog know that both my grandmother and my father had this terrible disease when they passed away, and I have been working diligently with the Monterey Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association to raise money to find a cure.  In addition to being the largest private funder of Alzheimer's research in the United States, they have support groups and a 24-hour hotline (800-272-3900) where a dedicated staff member can help you if you are struggling with caring for a loved one with the disease.   

Drink Coffee, But Make Sure It’s Not Too Hot!

by Richard Kuehn on 06/18/16

I have read so many articles over the years about the health benefits of coffee that I was surprised to read a story in USA Today that drinking extremely hot coffee or tea can cause cancer.  I’ll never forget the story about the woman who sued McDonalds because their hot coffee scalded her but apparently this is no joke, it can burn your esophagus too.  The World Health Organization has come out with a warning that drinking coffee, tea and other beverages at more than 149 degrees can cause cancer of the esophagus.   The good news is that researchers affirmed that coffee at the right temperature could be beneficial.  Researchers said that coffee at cooler temperatures can reduce the risk of liver cancer.

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